Another 3rd party commercial service to deliver scientific publications to patrons of libraries. : “Get it now”

Let’s just outsource every library service we can not hold up ourselves anymore.(cynical)

Here is anotyher services you can buy to “complements your interlibrary loan (ILL) services by providing library patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals”

It is called Get it now, by a company called Copyright Clearance Center

Based on the number of 3rd party services and start-ups around getting the full-text of publications, you could state that libraries are failing to keep up, and that others see opportunities, even commercial ones.

Here’s just a few remarks.

  • the growing trend of outsourcing IT and innovation developments, has diminished the libraries knowledge, capacities and grip on core services. Innovation in libraries lies in the hands of the commercial parties and their services we buy.
  • access to subscription-based scientific publications is no longer the exclusive domain of libraries.
  • delivering search and find services to open access scientific publications has not been on the agenda of libraries.
  • Current linkresolver tools are not keeping up with the pace of changing publishing policies, and start failing more and more on (early) online published publications.
  • Discovery tools only partly keep up. Google Scholar and other ways to get to the pdf are gaining.
  • “Libary disconnect” is imminent
  • So, we can’t offer patrons what we have, and we can’t find them what we don’t have

What to do about it?


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