Survival Guide to find full-text of articles by Linköping University Library

Thanks to Lotta Haglund for pointing out this ” survival guide” published by the Linköping University Library.

Interesting in this guide is that they clearly also want to show almost every tool their users could use, and also are not afraid to list -what they call- the ” Dark Side- tool” I think it is essential for a library to take a statement too. If you create an overview like this, you SHOULD also mention Sci-Hub and other platforms/channels, and preferably also add your opinion about them. Put in a serious disclaimer and explain why. So hurray for Linköping University Library!

But they forgot to mention (or it is by choice) the most promising tool for libraries with an off-campus access tool, Kopernio
Kopernio offers pro-active, fast access to all the library’s licensed content (in a better way than linkresolvers can) AND delivers the same one-click access to open access articles, as it also uses Unpaywall-data.
Here is the pdf FULLTEXT01


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