UPDATED: How To Get the PDF? Guide, now with LEANLIBRARY

” You don’t have to find the library. The library finds YOU! (in your browser)

The University of Groningen Library and the Central Medical Libary of the UMCG are testing the very promising tool called LEANLIBRARY. It works inside the user’s browser, and can be tweaked for every library to re-direct or assist the user towards the correct library resources and content.
With the knowledge that many users do NOT start their search for literature at the library website or it’s discovery tool/catalogue, a tool that helps you to automatically -where ever you are- login into the library’s off-campus access tool, makes perfectly sense!

But LEANLIBRARY does even more,much more!

Here are a few things it does for Groningen:

  • It “forces” you into the proxy-server, the moment you need it.
    No need to search for the proxy-login, or to start from the library website
  • If you would go to http://scopus.com in Google, because you somehow think the library has a licensed access to it, but you don’t know WHERE the access would be on library website…. LEANLIBRARY would automatically RE-DIRECT you to the correct proxied link and get you into Scopus straightaway.
    Like other browser extentions, LEANLIBRARY “reads” your visited web-pages, and is set to act on various websites of resources, databases, publishers. The library is in control of the lists ánd the actions the LEANLIBRARY plugin can take.
  • If you would go to pubmed.gov, instead of the special PubMed-link of the CMB (that makes it possible for you to see the Get-It button), LEANLIBRARY ENHANCES the Pubmed url into the right one.
  • Your search results in Google Scholar normally do not contain the Library Get-it! links. With LEANLIBRARY installed in your browser these results are ENHANCED with the Library Get-it! links

  • Because LEANLIBRARY receives your libraries holdings, it knows exactly when you have access to the full-text. Itwill turn any paywall into access to the pdf automatically, based on this.
  • If you run into publications that the library has no subscription for, you will be notified of ANY OPEN ACCESS OR ALTERNATIVE versions that is available. This service is mainly made possible by the Unpaywall-data.
  • If you visit Publisher’s submission platforms, you will be NOTIFIED of the existence of OA Deals of Dutch universities with many publishers, which results -in most cases- in NOT having to pay the APC when choosing to publish in open access.
  • The library can implement a whole range of  ASSISTIVE actions when a patron visits a certain webpage,
    i.e. on the visit of the elsevier.com site, it could tell the user in the POP-UP that the library does have licences to a range of services from Elsevier, with links to them!


This licenced tool makes use of your library collections details and holdings

Download the PDF to make use of the LINKS to the tools & sources


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