A little background of How To Get the PDF : CHRONOLOGY


version CMB UMCG (March2017) See also Slideshare: https://www.slideshare.net/digicmb/how-to-get-the-pdf-find-the-fulltext-of-ejournals-inside-or-outside-the-collection-of-your-library-all-options


•version University of Groningen Library (September 2017)

Anywhereaccess.com yet another browser extension that claims to take you to the pdf in just 1-click!


And another browser extension to choose from that states to take you to the pdf in just 1-click. To be demo-ed at @EAHIL_2018 by @digicmb at Innovation Station #howtogetthePDF @digital_science anywhereaccess.com

Starting “How To Get The PDF” overviews

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This blog will post useful information about how to get access to the fulltext of scientific publications,

  • for the general public (without connection to libraries with subscriptions)
  • for libraries to create awareness on tools offered by the library to their patrons
  • for the patrons of libraries that like to use tools outside the library

It all started with the threat of losing access to a major publisher…

because the publisher is either asking too much extra fee, or the publisher is refusing to change to open access publishing…

— Guus van den Brekel